6 Fascinating Kinetic Energy Products for Technology Fanatics

May 5, 2022

You have a busy schedule and are constantly on the move. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do even more with the energy you already use each day without increasing the size of your carbon footprint? A new group of kinetic energy products allows you to harness the energy you give off to power more of your favorite things.

1- Dragon Power Station

Get more out of fossil fuels! Millions of vehicles, buses, and trains travel the world every day. While some of them use alternative fuel sources, most of them still burn fossil fuels and give off staggering amounts of pollution. It’s a terrible energy source, but it will take time for society to replace this fuel source. So, if we have to live with dirty power, why not get as much out of it as we can?

The Dragon Power Station (DPS) from AESTI captures the energy given off by large vehicles through special plates installed on the road’s surface. As the vehicle rolls over them, it compresses the hydraulics located below it, which then powers a generator. This energy can then be used to power homes and businesses.

2- Footpath Charger

You can power a building, advertising, and alarms with this new technology. Similar in concept to the Dragon Power Station, the Pavegen System can be installed anywhere that receives a lot of foot traffic. And you’ll be happy to know that this system doesn’t require any extra effort to make it work.

Pedestrians simply have to walk over the kinetic plates to charge the system’s batteries. This power can then be instantly redirected to wherever it’s needed most. It’s a unique alternative to solar power and an interesting way to reduce your energy bills. You can even use your smartphone to check on it.

3- Music Systems

All those wild yo-yo skills you developed as a child will finally come in handy with this nifty little gadget. Kinetic energy music systems like the REGEN use a spinning action to power the player. It only needs 10 – 12 tosses per hour to keep it charged and it comes with a Bluetooth headset, so you can keep listening while you’re recharging the device.

Don’t use an MP3 player? Tired of your cell phone running out of power? There’s a kinetic energy solution for that, too. Made of aluminum and glass, the Atlas Kinetic Cell Phone uses an oscillating weight to power a mainspring and charge the unit. And it looks nothing like a typical phone. Sadly, the early designs have no additional features like MP3 or navigational capabilities.

4- Dancepants

Don’t let all the energy you use running and working out go to waste. This powerful clothing music player uses a kinetic module in the bottom of the leg to harness energy as you move. The energy then travels up a wire that runs to a music player in the pocket of the pants.

This design creates green energy and eliminates your battery worries, but your body will benefit from it, too. Because you have to keep moving to power the unit, you have to keep moving if you want to listen. You’ll go farther, move faster and enjoy more music. (If you don’t like the pants, Soledad Martin has a system you can attach to your favorite pair of shoes.)


5- Empower Rocking Chair

Considering how much energy we use in our homes, kinetic furniture can greatly reduce energy costs and your carbon footprint. The Empower rocking chair harnesses the energy you create when you swing or rock back and forth. It then redirects the power to the USB ports installed below the seat. It’s perfect for charging your e-reader and all your favorite gadgets.

6- Ecotypic Bed

If you’d much rather relax in bed, try the Ecotypic Bed. It powers its LED lights, music speakers, an LED flower box, and many other features using the natural movements you make in bed. And to make sure you get plenty of exercise and keep the bed’s batteries charged, it has a built-in exercise machine.

Only a few kinetic energy gadgets are widely available to consumers, but this will change in a fun and fascinating way if the development of these items is any indication. They may be more expensive than the traditional alternatives, but, for those who love technology and being different, these new gadgets provide the perfect blend of fun and exclusivity without the guilt that comes with harming the environment.


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