5 Ways to Make a Rented Apartment Feel Like Home

5 Ways to Make a Rented Apartment Feel Like Home

Make Your Rented Apartment Feel Like Home

Apartment rentals are bland and sterile feeling. They are designed to attract the most renters and be cheap and easy to maintain. Rental properties are not designed to feel comfortable; that is the tenant’s job, but it’s not an easy task when it’s not possible to paint or make other permanent changes to the apartment. There are some easy and affordable ways, however, to make even the most boring of apartments feel “homey.”

1- Removable Wallpapers

Most landlords will not allow renters to paint or wallpaper their properties, which is understandable. Imagine the tenant using a terrible paint color or wallpaper just to have the landlord completely re-do the place after the tenants move out. Removable wallpaper gets around that problem. Now available in a ton of trendy prints and a full range of color combinations, these new tools can be a powerful and affordable tool in a decorator’s toolbox. In addition, because they use a special low-tack adhesive, removable wallpaper will not damage the paint underneath even if they have been on the wall for years! So, raise your interior design game!

Temporary wallpaper makes it quick and easy to create a feature wall. Mixed with the right fabrics, the paper can add texture to bland rooms lacking furniture. Renters can also use excess removable wallpaper to hide ugly refrigerators, washers, dryers, and doors, which can have a huge impact on a room.

2- Wall Murals

Reusable and removable wall murals can turn a plain white wall into an eye-catching statement. Featuring Amazon rainforests, castle interiors, and many other images, these wall murals are simple to put up and quick to take down. Some of them are so beautiful that it is easy to design an entire room around them.

3- Home Automation


It is hard to love a home that feels quiet, stark, and cold. Using home automation, renters can come home to a heated and well-lit apartment. Smart lightbulbs, smart locks, and programmable thermostats are just the start. Renters can control TVs, stereos, window coverings, and many other home items with a smartphone or smart home hub. Besides, when they move, they can easily take their smart devices with them.

4- Swap Out the Little Things

Renters can change the doorknobs (be careful here as the landlord may need to get inside your apartment, so he/she will need a copy of the key), drawer handles, power outlet plates, and light fixtures for a whole new look. Hardware stores have a ton of options, but they’re not the only place to find great items. Secondhand stores often have antique or vintage handles and fixtures that suit almost any look. When it is time to move, renters just need to take a few minutes to put the originals back in place. The landlord will be none the wiser.

5- Change the Ambiance

It may not be possible to re-paint the walls, but it is still possible to change the feel of a room. Large mirrors can create the illusion of having more space. Also, renters can make a room cozier by hanging fabric on the walls, using carpet on the floor, or adding some throw pillows. Lighting can also make a big difference; instead of having one light fixture on the ceiling, use lamps at various heights with lower watt bulbs for a well-lit space with a romantic feel.

Apartment rentals can be difficult to personalize, but it is not impossible to make them feel cozier. Tenants can save money and still get a fun look; they just need to get creative.