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3 Tennis Tips & Tactics to Improve Your Tennis Game

3 Tennis Tips & Tactics to Improve Your Tennis Game

Improve Your Tennis Game

Lovers of the game of tennis know that there is always room for improvement. There are so many facets to the exciting sport of tennis, and every single one deserves to have attention and focus on it. When you can really drill down to the details of each nuance of your tennis game, you will be pleasantly surprised at how seemingly easy and fast your tennis game can improve. For best results, concentrate on each of the following tennis tips and tactics in turn. Do not transition to the next one until you have mastered the one you are working on. That way, you will progress and improve in a steady, measurable, and organized fashion until your overall game reaps the benefits of all of the tips as a whole.

1 – Improve the Accuracy of Your Serve with Target Practice

It is challenging for many players to hit the ball on the serve so that it goes exactly where you want it to go. Top players in the sport of tennis don’t just have better eye-hand coordination than you do; they use a tennis coach tip that improves the accuracy of your serve. When you practice and master this tip, you will be able to enjoy nearly 100% serve accuracy, when conditions are right.

On the serve box on the opposite side of the court, lay down a large, colorful blanket. The color will help your eyes to focus on the target instead of the surrounding areas. The size of the blanket should depend on how bad your existing serve is. If it is very bad, use a larger blanket, and if it is not too bad, use a smaller blanket. Practice serving onto the blanket. As you get better, fold the blanket into smaller squares. Move the blanket around in the serve box so that you are not always aiming for the same quadrant. When you have folded the blanket as small as you can, switch to a different target, such as an aluminum pie plate or an old mouse pad. Keep transitioning to smaller targets until you can successfully and consistently hit a still tennis ball wherever you place it in the serve box.

2 – Improve Footwork on the Court

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Footwork is an essential element of tennis that not enough amateurs focus on. Agility is important, not only for winning points but also for avoiding injury. You can greatly improve your footwork without ever setting foot on the court. If your backyard allows you to [yep, ask for permission :)], spray paint a series of large circles about the size of a car tire onto the grass. Use a color that sharply contrasts with the grass. The circles should be arranged in a natural step pattern in the same way as football players on the field step through actual tires to improved dexterity and agility. Practice stepping through the circles at faster and faster speed until you master it. Next, practice stepping through in a sideways position, and turn and do the same in the opposite direction. In another area, spray paint smaller circles in steps, but vary the pattern of the circles. Repeat the practice drills that you did with the larger circles. This drill will strengthen your feet and ankles, as well as get you more accustomed to the movements on the tennis court.

3 – Use Your Submissive Hand

In tennis and in life, you probably have one hand that is dominant and one that is submissive. Switching to your submissive hand will enable your brain to easily switch when balls go out of your comfort zone on the court. Start using your submissive hand for everything, including drinking, eating, picking things up, holding your cellphone, etc. Over time, you will start noticing that you are naturally starting to reach things with your submissive hand. Now, start to practice tennis with your submissive hand. It might feel awkward at first, but soon you will notice that your games played with the submissive hand holding the racket are getting better. Of course, you can still play important games with your dominant hand, but this drill will help you to better understand the movements and swings that go into each tennis stroke.


These tennis tips and tactics will help you to improve your game in a very organic way. They are practical because they do not involve expensive equipment or gear. You do not need to coerce a friend to help you improve your game. You can practice and master each of these tips and tactics all by yourself and bring your mastery onto the court when you are ready. Remember, avoid moving on to the next tip until you have mastered the previous one. This is the only way you will be able to easily measure the results and improvement of individual tactics. Then, when you feel that you need to brush up on one area of your game, you will know exactly which tactic to employ.