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02 June

Local businesses are hurting with the effects of the Covid pandemic, especially the ones which depend on foot traffic. As a community, we can do a lot for our small businesses to stay afloat. Find out how!

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28 May

Get off the dehydrating drinks. Never ignore the hydration your body needs. There are other effective and flavorful drink options to hydrate your body. Try all the hydrating drinks from our list and get get your body hydrated!

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22 May

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise for losing weight and is suitable for most people. Try these 5 methods to burn more calories while walking.

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19 May

Scratching mosquito bites doesn’t actually help. After all, have you noticed that no matter how much you scratch, the bite still itches?  This is because your immune system naturally responds to bug bites with something called histamine.  Histamine helps, but it also causes a temporary increase in inflammation. Scratching the site of the bite will only trigger the production of more histamine, and more histamine means more swelling and itching!

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14 May

Setting up a new business can bring enormous challenges, stress, and worry, particularly if it’s your first business venture. Choosing the right idea and carrying out thorough preparation work significantly increases your chances of success, as it ensures that you have a solid foundation on which to grow your business. There are four questions you […]

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04 May

Many people understand that year-round maintenance of their heating and air conditioning system is important. While some maintenance can be done by the homeowner, most of it needs a professional with the right tools and safety equipment for the job. Hiring the wrong company or technician can result in more problems and headaches than you […]

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12 April

Did you know that online shopping took its first steps in the late ’70s? ECommerce breaks down shopping limitations across the world. Check out why you should have an eCommerce website.

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04 April

LinkedIn is one of the largest and most popular social networking platforms. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and most other social media websites, LinkedIn is designed specifically for professionals and businesses looking to connect with similar people.

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26 March

Bringing up a child can be tough, physically and mentally. Losing weight is not easy, especially when you’re tired and stressed. Here are 4 reasons why you need to lose weight for your child’s sake.

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04 March

Invest in Yourself Gluten-free diets have become popular in recent years, with an increasing number of people experiencing intolerance or sensitivity to foods containing gluten. Symptoms of gluten intolerance vary from one person to the next, but digestive disturbances, headaches, lethargy, and depression are among the most common problems linked to gluten. If you’re considering […]

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