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Guest Author

Guest Author Contributions

Get great exposure online by publishing great and original content on Yebble. We would love for you to get in touch with us. Your valuable blog posts will strengthen our relationship with our customers, enhance our website, and potentially contribute to widening our audience. Please read below for more information and the type of content we are interested in.


Our Audience

Our visitors are business owners and every-day online users of all ages searching for businesses and services, with the ability to review the same.


We Welcome Blog Posts About

Automotive                      Finance                           Food

Health                               Home & Garden             Insurance

Legal / Law                      Travel

Other subjects can be taken into consideration.


A Few Requirements

Your content must be original and cannot violate any copyrights;

Any images or research provided must be given the appropriate credit to the original owner;

1000 – 1200 words minimum;

Your written English skills must be of a high-quality standard and your blogs are well-structured and organized.


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