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About Us


Use our Search tool to help you locate the companies and services you need. Find great local businesses near you!


Portray your business on Yebble for potential customers to know more about your company and get engaged!


Bookmark and save your favorite listings so that you can easily locate them inside your Yebble's dashboard!


Share your favorite listings with your friends and family so they can also experience the places you have been to!

About Yebble

Our website is an online local business directory where business owners or their representatives can add their business listing and provide information about the company to potential customers.

As a user of the site, you can utilize the search function to locate a company or type of place or service that you are interested in. In addition, you can rate and review a company to reflect a score of your experience with that company. In order to be able to use this function or add a business listing, you will need to create your own account on the site. You can also use your facebook, google, or twitter account in order to log into your Yebble account.

Yebble uses automated software to recommend helpful and reliable listings and reviews for the Yebble community. The software uses signals to measure for quality, reliability, and activity on Yebble.

We hope you will enjoy this website as much as we have enjoyed creating it for your use.

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Yebble Services

  • Search local companies by name and location. Find local restaurants, car dealers, shops, parks, beauty spas, dentists, doctors, contractors, and more businesses near you. Get business contact information, hours of operation, and address in our local business directory;
  • Write reviews on your favorite places/locations;
  • Read our blog on various subjects and share the knowledge with your fmaily and friends!


For Business Owners:

  • List your business in our directory or claim existing listings;
  • Increase your online visibility and potential customer base;
  • Add deals and/or events for your customers using one of our paid packages or for free using our free basic package!
  • Only listings with a physical US address will be approved.